Thursday, July 2, 2009

Love in the Lilacs

{Inspiration Board: Shades of Purple}

Sea Nymph Amethyst and Pearly Ivory Shell Necklace by go2girl
Purple Flower Guest Book by kateblocher
French Beaded Flowers by ellie00
Blossom Wedding Invitation by SilhouetteBlue
Poms by PomLove
Eggplant Purple Silk Rose Bridal Pomander by juliag1969
Purple Dahlias on Kitten Heels by aimeesarmoire
Custom Cake Topper by dandelionland


  1. Thanks for taking the time to find and post all these beautiful items. I have came by to your site before by some random searches and loved it, and you don't know how surprised I am that you have added one of my french beaded flowers now! This certainly feels like a great privilege. Thanks again.

  2. This is beautiful. What a privilege to be featured among such beautiful creations. Thank you!

  3. Such a pretty collection of items! Love the necklace by Go2Girl!

  4. Ohh, a violet wedding,how wonderful. Love that necklace by Go2Girl!

  5. I love looking at your inspiration boards. :)

  6. I love looking at your inspiration boards and this one is particularly lovely. :)

  7. Purples are really popular this year for weddings and it is the perfect color. You can choose to go with soft purples or dark exciting purples. This is a great color for someone who wants to have a wide selection of shades to go with. Love is really in lilacs this year.