Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cherry Blossom Pie

{Inspiration Board: Pink, Red}

Fingertip Length White Bridal Veil by annemichelleheirloom
Cherry Blossom Wedding Invitation by PostInvitations
Glass and Chiyogami Japanese Paper Pendant by aPassionForFashion
Red Guest Book with Custom Title by windyweatherbindery
Melanie Collection Clutch Lined in Teal Peacock Silk by FIAZCO
Hand Cut Pink and Red Ruffle Hair Clip by KnockKnocking
Red, Pink and Cream Bouquet with Pearls and Satin by RAWeddingCreations
Large Peals with Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon Necklace by erinkeys


  1. Oh what a great color pallette! THanks so much for including me here!!!
    Erin Keys

  2. This reminds me of Valentine's Day...the best time of year for red and pink!

  3. This is lovely! Thanks for including me!