Saturday, July 11, 2009

Because Two People Fell in Love

{Inspiration Board: Red, Teal}

Letterpress Stationery Card by sweetbeets
Choose Joy 8x10 by SharpGraphicArt
Petals Pouch by modernradar
Turquoise and Crimson Bead Necklace by itsbeautiful
Salmon and Teal Blank Card Set by ThePaperAddict
Cherry Blossoms 10x8 by LuckyBluebirdArt
Budding Pod Earrings by Skwrrl
Custom Modern Bird Invitation by rubylovedesigns
Red Poppy Lariat by MuddyRiverGirl
Japanese Chiyogami Square Glass Pendant Necklace by MaJentaDesigns


  1. Wow, very lovely:) I of course love the color board inspiration; great choices to match. Thanks for the feature!

  2. I'm honored that you included Sweetbeets in your beautiful collection! Thank you so much.

  3. I really like the card with the people on it. Do you think I could use that card design for table numbers? I totally would use them. You have a beautiful blog.

  4. beautiful collection! very colorful and cheery. thanks for featuring my necklace :)

  5. Sherrlyn of says...I love RED anywhere anyplace! Nice to meet you on here.

  6. Teal/Red: one of my favorite color combos! I love those earrings.

  7. Hello! Thanks so much for the blog compliment! And you rblog is sooooo cute; lots of inspiration!!

  8. I love this color combo for summer weddings!

    Thanks so much for featuring my "red fern on teal" pendant too! :)

    ~MaJenta Designs~

  9. I LOVE red & teal. Thanks for including my cherry blossoms print. :)