Friday, July 17, 2009

Paisley Princess

{Inspiration Board: Olive Green, Teal}

Chiffon Flower Hair Clip by VieModerne
Custom Bridal Bouquet by beccamari
Seaweed Wave Green Blown Glass Bracelet by vineyardsky
Brass and Faceted Glass Carved Rose Necklace by musettemade
Deco Inspired Wedding Invitation by decadentdesigns
Crazy Paisley Lined Zippered Pouch by ObscuritiesHotGlass
Caribbean Sea Olive Oil Handmade Soap by EpicallyEpicSoap
Vintage Wedding Gown from whichgoose


  1. A lovely and refreshing color combination, love the paisley! Thanks for including my furnace glass bracelet.

  2. great flowers and i love the necklace! how do you find time to make all these boards? is this a full time gig for you? awesome.

  3. jaclyn -

    I am an early bird with an Etsy fixation.


  4. Thank you, Bonnie, for including my Caribbean soap. This entire blog is beautiful!

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