Friday, June 26, 2009

Off the Cuff

An open letter to grooms everywhere:

Dear Grooms,

As you all know already, your wedding day isn't really your special is HER special day. She has spent months planning a fabulous wedding down to the last detail. She has lived for cake samples and wedding dress fittings. You will be told where to stand, what to wear, what to say and when to say it. Embrace these facts knowing that there is one detail that you can have control over: cufflinks! These little wrist bobbles can be a way of keeping your personality alive in light of being part of a wedding theme that would make any man's testosterone levels drop by a few points. So go ahead, find a great pair of cufflinks to don at the wedding. Darth Vader? Sure! Screws? Volcanic glass? Yes! It is your special square inch! And who knows, maybe your beautiful bride will really like them. You are, after all, still perfect in her eyes.

So look through these cool cufflinks I found on Etsy and find a pair that screams your name.

-Bonnie Bell
Inventing Weddings - Etsy Handmade Wedding Inspiration

Darth Vader by crimsonking
Personalized Initial by Cuftlynx
Cassette by crimsonking
Groom by crimsonking
Volcanic glass by zukerj
Maps by dlkdesigns
Rust by zukerj
Crown by dedalo
Crystal by Fischersandreeth
Screw by zukerj
Frogs by Bellamodaartist
Washer and Nut by dabbledesigns
Heart by blockpartypress
Steampunk by GrouseandBadger


  1. My husband insisted on wearing lego cuff links to our wedding. We compromised and he wore lego cuff links in our wedding color (red). He looked great and the cuff links became a conversation piece at our reception since all of the groomsmen had them too. I found them somewhere on etsy!

  2. I laughed at your letter to grooms because it is SO true!